Semi Permanent Lips

Who would not want full luscious lips and a youthful healthy blush of color? After a lip treatment you never have to worry about smearing lipstick on your teeth, color bleeding past the edges of your mouth or reapplying that lip tint just to maintain some color. Instead you can be confident that your pout will always be on point and that your color will never wear off.  A Permanent Lip Treatment can dramatically improve the following:

– Lip Definition
– Symmetry
– Loss of colour from the ageing process
– Darkening of colour due to smoking
– Thin Lips
– Ashy Colour


All our Semi Permanent Makeup treatments include a re- touch appointment and after care product

Lip contouring liner

This technique mimics the effect you achieve when you use a lip liner pencil, adding shape and definition. Perfect for people who feel that their lips are too thin, are receding, or just want to spend less time putting makeup on. When healed, you will enjoy a permanent, defined lip line that will never need re-applying or smudge. Your colour will be blended especially for you based on your skin tone and hair colour and whether you want a natural or bolder and brighter look.

Lip contour & blush

Lip blush is a thicker lip line that is gradually blended and blushed into the lip, so you get the definition of a lip liner but without the harsh line. It will appear beautifully blended and softer once healed. All colours heal 50% less vibrant than when they are first applied. Please be aware that the final results are not until 4 weeks after the 2nd session.

The results are truly amazing and whatever your real lips look like, we can achieve the lips you’ve always wanted.


semi permanent lips FAQ’s

How long does the treatment take?
Usually, each procedure appointment is one to two hours.  The majority of the time is spent in adequately consulting and selecting the appropriate colour for your skin; in measuring and artistically drawing the planned procedure prior to actually implanting the colour.

Is it the same as a tattoo?
It is a form of tattoo, although different techniques and pigments are used. Anytime colour is implanted into the dermis of the skin, it is technically a tattoo, regardless of the manner in which it is performed.

Will it hurt?
This can vary from person to person and depending on individual pain thresholds and the procedures performed. Every effort is made to minimise the discomfort for the client and a variety of topical anaesthetics are on hand to ensure that the procedure is as pain-free as possible.

I suffer from cold sores; can I still have the lip treatment?
Yes, but if you have a history of cold sores (herpes simplex) I advise you to contact your GP to get a course medication that can prevent an outbreak, which can negatively impact the successful healing of the lip colour.

I already have lip filler injections. Can I still get permanent lip colour?
Yes, but it is important to share this information with me at the consultation. The filler and the colour will be sharing the same space within the lip tissue.  Colour selection can need adjustments to ensure that the long-term colour results don’t change.  It is recommended that the colour be implanted first, and after it is healed get the lip augmentation.  This ensures proper placement and symmetry of the lip filler that nicely compliments the shape and symmetry of the permanent colour.

How long will it take to see the healed results?
Lip colour is unique.  For all other areas of permanent makeup, you will heal in approximately 5-10 days with the final result visible at that point.  Due to the nature of the lip tissue which is not the same physiological makeup of the rest of the facial or body skin, you can expect that it will be much darker for 3-4 days, you will have a “peeling” process (much like having chapped lips) for a day or so, and then the colour will actually appear too light.  The initial reaction will be wishing you had chosen a darker, brighter or less natural colour.  Not to worry – the colour is sharing the same space as the blood flow in the lip membrane.  It takes 3-4 weeks for the colour to find a permanent “home” in that lip tissue and develop into the true healed intensity desired.  After 4-6 weeks you will return for a follow-up visit to check the results and it is sometimes necessary to have a minor touch up to perfect the results.